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Training Expertise

We perform an analysis of your body and design a fitness plan that will help you reach your goals. We will show you proper techniques to use and will work with you to stay on track and motivated to reach your goals. This will enable you to become physically and mentally prepared to endure the grind needed to succeed at the next level or maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Our Services

Choose the best training program to meet your needs and fitness goals. Not sure?? Call or text us @ (813)295-5678 for a FREE consultation!


Group Training

Think it would be fun to workout with some friends? Coworkers? Teammates? Spouse? Family members? Well come on! Let us put together a routine that will benefit your group, all while you have fun, build confidence, and push one another to crush your goals. Having an accountability partner, -or two, or three- is a great motivator and highly effective. Who doesn’t love a good challenge?! Good for small groups (2-4 people) or large groups (5+); and can be hosted in-home or virtual. 

Sports Conditioning

Got game?? Let us help you train and condition your body to improve coordination, speed, strength, agility, and more. We specialize in assisting athletes with reaching their goals of not just being a participant but developing into a top performer. We do this by introducing innovative workouts, recovery, and personalized training plans. We can target your training to be sport-specific to help improve your performance, and also strengthen your fundamental athletic skills. This will enable you to be physically and mentally prepared to endure the season-long grind needed to succeed at the next level. We work hard to bring out the beast within you!

Strength Training

Looking to get fit while building your strength? Then this training program is for you!  We will develop, coach, and guide you through a custom routine designed to help increase your strength and energy. For this training, we will focus on resistance for muscular contraction, building anaerobic endurance, increasing skeletal muscles, and improving your overall energy. Putting together specific exercise combinations, repetitions, varying workout tempos all work to build muscle strength and achieve your desired results. Proper nutrition is essential for effective training since you’ll likely see an increase in metabolism, energy levels, and endurance. Choose this in-home or virtual training program designed for your body and fits within your schedule.

Weight Loss & Toning

This program is for clients that are looking to get into shape -whether for the first time or so many times you’ve lost count. We will work with you to tone your body, trim off inches, and shed fat. Workouts include a balance of cardio and resistance training which work together to increase your body strength. Combining this with a healthy nutritional regimen is the key to maintaining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. The scale will start moving in the right direction and your clothes will be fitting better in no time!

Weight & Resistance Training

Let’s get pumped!! Trust DPHA Solutions to help get you into better shape through workouts focused on intense muscle building and strength training. This training is best for those wanting to reduce body fat, improve muscle definition, and increase muscle mass. Bodybuilding involves implementing progressive resistance exercises that work to promote hypertrophy (growth) and improve your muscular physique. The essentials of this program not only focus on how and when you exercise, but also what and when you eat. Weight training can be intense; so, let us help you with your body development.

Youth & Teen Fitness

Learning about proper diet, understanding your body, and personal fitness are essential lifelong skills. Starting a fitness training program early helps your child develop healthy habits, promote a positive self-image, and safe exercise skills. This program type is great for homeschooled students or those in virtual settings that need to engage muscular functions and need a consistent exercise routine. We work in conjunction with the parents and youth to develop attainable objectives that meet their personal goals.



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